Creating Amazing & Perfect Crisp Apple Chips

I know there are several recipes out there for apple crisps, or apple chips, or whatever you want to call them. But being somewhat of a scientist, or at least pretending to be one as a hobby, I had several questions, beyond what is the best apple to use.

  • Which is the best method to crisp the chip: Oven or Dehydrator?
  • What is the optimum thickness, that balance between crisp and maintaining form?
  • How do I slice the apple to maximize flavor, reduce waste, and make the chip aesthetically pleasing?

So of course, I decided to try and answer these questions and come up with a perfect crisp apple chips method and basic recipe. 

Yeah, I’m throwing it down. All the professional recipe sites, blogs and publishers out there, watch out. It’s on like Donkey Kong. If nothing else, my house is about to smell amazing.

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