About Me


I’m a professional software engineer by day in my 9 to 5 job (at least I pretend to be one), and love what I do. I’m into eating healthy (most of the time) and exercise. As I’ve grown older and wiser I see the need to exercise my mind and body to keep them both in good shape. I also like cooking and creating in the kitchen, so I have to balance that with eating better. That’s not always easy.

I’m into technology but beyond what I do in my job. I’m interested in electronics, robotics, 3D Printing, microcontrollers (such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino) and love to imagine and create.

This blog has my thoughts, projects, experiments and failures throughout my life that I’ve wanted to write down for some time. So, part of the rationale behind this is to somehow record the things I’ve done (or are doing) in one place so I can go back to them in case I need to. I’m glad you’re here for the ride!

I love constructive feedback and collaboration as long as it is positive. I don’t mind someone calling me an idiot every once in a while or calling me out for something dumb that I have done. However, being mean, crude or just offensive without good reason is just not cool and I won’t tolerate it.

My professional life consisted of roles in:

  • Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Engineering

  • Web Development

  • Systems Integration

  • Software Development and Engineering

  • Information / Development Management