How to Build a REAL Laser gun with a Nintendo Zapper, Part 1

When we are finished building our laser, we will have the last laugh
Laugh it up…your days are numbered…

How to Build a Real 100% working Laser Gun from a Nintendo Zapper, Part 1

Why should we do this?

There are two types of people who will read this. One group will say “Why?” and the other will say “Why not?”

If you find yourself asking “Why”, then chances are you won’t make it past this introduction. You will find no interest in these pages, other than repeating to yourself “why” over and over again.

Why would you do such a thing? Why did you do this? Why would you build a real 100% working Laser Gun from a Nintendo Zapper? Can’t you find something else to do? What a waste of time, effort, money…time…

Such people would look at the end result and say “You could blind yourself, or hurt yourself, or get killed, or kill someone…”

On the other hand, those like me who say “why not” – well, we know better. We know better than to try and argue with the first group. Because if you ask “why”, you will never know the answer to “why not”.

Let’s face it. Yes, you could get blinded, killed, hurt, or hurt others with this. However, you could get killed, hurt or blinded today in a wider variety of unrelated and separate instances, like walking the dog, crossing the street, going to work, making dinner, opening a can of Spaghetti-o’s, or getting it on tonight (if you’re luckier than I).

And so, let’s begin.

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Wanted: Talented, Motivated Software Engineer for the Rebellion or Galactic Empire

the death star floating in space. with uncommitted code
There was uncommitted code on that death star…

I love Technology, Innovation and Experimentation. As a software engineer on an Agile team (by day), I feel fortunate that I get to practice those in a professional setting.

And of course, I love Star Wars. Not that the two go together. But my guess is there must to be some sort of correlation between them. There needs to be studies on this.

Technology, Innovation, Experimentation = T.I.E. Or TIE. As in TIE Fighters.

Which got me to thinking a little bit. As a technologist who appreciates innovation and experimentation, in the Star Wars universe, which side would I be on? Of course, it’s easy to say the rebellion, because they were the “good” guys, and everyone wants to be looked upon in some respects as the good guy. Sure, it’s fun to play the bad guy, but to be the bad guy for real? Or aligned with the bad guys? That’s another story.

While it’s true that history is written by the victors (the rebellion in some timelines or stories, Empire in others), we all hold our nose and do our “jobs” so to speak even though we might not necessarily agree with what our government or employer does all the time.

So…I come back to the question. Which side would I be on? Or more to the point, which side would I WORK on? Assuming there is an ad for a software engineer with the Empire. (Or Rebellion) Why don’t recruiters try to sell me on these jobs? Screw Amazon. 

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