Uh…Building a routine exercise app?

Hey…so yeah. Haven’t posted in a little while. And I know you all are just dying to continue with the RESTful Sensor API Endpoint using NodeJS

But being someone who sometimes bites off more than they can chew, I’ve turned my immediate attention to the last post I had regarding exercise and being bad at fitness regiments or routines.

This is an update to that! And boy what an update it is!

Why am I so horrible at fitness and exercise?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Not me. Never will be…

I think, like most people, I start off with good intentions. I make a commitment to eat better, and exercise regularly, and for the first few weeks, I am pretty good about it. Android and Apple apps are bought and installed, and perhaps a gym membership is purchased…oh yeah, and some home exercise equipment. And I start an exercise routine or regiment religiously.

And then it all falls apart. Usually somewhere around the 4 to 6 week mark.

I’m not alone, for sure. There are probably thousands of people out there like me who start off with good intentions and then within a few weeks, or months, everything seems to stop – despite having invested time and money.


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