Uh…Building a routine exercise app?

Hey…so yeah. Haven’t posted in a little while. And I know you all are just dying to continue with the RESTful Sensor API Endpoint using NodeJS

But being someone who sometimes bites off more than they can chew, I’ve turned my immediate attention to the last post I had regarding exercise and being bad at fitness regiments or routines.

This is an update to that! And boy what an update it is!

The goal you might recall was this:

Goal: To develop “something” that makes me exercise more consistently in the new year that solves the following problems:

  • Persistent motivation after the first few weeks
  • Cheap, as in, I don’t want to spend any more money
  • Not too stressful or difficult
  • Something that breaks traditional exercise routine (so it’s not routine)
  • Relatively quick, so I can get on with my day
  • Portable, so I don’t have to necessarily be home or at a gym to do it

So I set out to build a webapp that tries to accomplish several of these “requirements”. And I am pleased to announce that before the new year in late 2022, fitblendr was released. 

The first fitblendr.com logo

The main goal of the app is to easily create a daily exercise routine that is anything but routine. It combines or blends exercises together to virtually ensure you do not receive the exact same workout ever again. You can choose your mode or skill level, whether you are a couch potato or budding superstar bodybuilder (ahem, not me) which will level up the exercises. 

And the app is being built on the fly, which marks a huge departure from me. You see, in the past, I would have these “ideas” and start building them only to never release them and keep building on them as they are being used. I was trapped in the idea of an initial release being “close to final” or having at least half of what I wanted.

This project is the first one I’ve done personally that is rooted in agile. Namely, small frequent releases that builds on features based on usage and feedback. Rather than large scale complicated releases I’m releasing code and updates about every 2-3 days instead of weeks or months (or in the case of my previous projects – never! Oh, so many projects that never saw the light of day.)

Building a routine exercise app – Agile principles being used

  • Small frequent releases
  • Adapting and incorporating user feedback
  • Quick deployments
  • Small measureable goals
  • Planned sprints (or kanban – haven’t decided yet which way I want to go)

So please visit fitblendr and tell me what you think. What you want to see, what you hate, love or whatever. The link to the socials for fitblendr are on the site, or here:

Twitter: @fitblendr

Mastodon: @fitblendr@mastdn.party


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